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The Arts at ACE

Black Buddafly during the mid 2000s. The three sisters were pictured in front of a poster advertising their record label Def Jam

The Story of Black Buddafly

Cole Ferrentino, Staff Writer/Editor May 31, 2023

Sisters Jazz, Amina, and Sophie Schmahl were a musical trio long before they officially began releasing music. The three were born in Hamburg, Germany, and spent much of their childhood singing together...

Students Savannah and Rayza pictured in front of the street-art banner in Joannes room.

ACE Modern Renaissance Creativity Fair

T Smith, Staff Writer May 12, 2023

Following the Wellness Day event on Wednesday, April 26, ACE wrapped up the second half of the school day with the Creativity Fair. There were four different stations (rooms) with different creativity...

A photo of Kyle in his classroom, sitting at his desk

Meet the Teachers at ACE

T Smith, Staff Writer April 4, 2023

Meet our music teacher, Kyle! Kyle has a history of teaching in his family. His dad was a teacher at DHS, so he basically grew up there. He went to his dad's job often, making him familiar with Danbury...

Unpredictable Fist

The Art in ACE

Angelina Acevedo, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

ACE has a lot of unknown artistic talent. We have artists, muralists, sketch artists, painters, cartoonists and many others.  Here is a gallery of just a few pieces of ACE art that can be seen around...

Kyle teaching his Culture of Modern Music class and performing.

ACE Brings on the Music

Ludmila Conceicao, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

Students and staff members of the ACE community alike have a wide variety of hobbies outside of the building. For a select few, it’s music. Though a music program currently exists within the school,...

Brooke Hogan (Photo By SoBe Records)

Brooke Hogan’s Undiscovered – 2006’s Hidden Gem

Cole Ferrentino January 3, 2023

  Brooke Hogan, daughter of famed WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, could best be described as an early pioneer in the age of social media stars and children of nepotism alike releasing their own musical...

Photo from

Eleven Understood the Assignment with them Eggos{A Review}

Makayla Lisee-Oyola, Staff Writer December 1, 2022

To explain the show without spoiling things is highly difficult. But the show follows the odd happenings going on in the small town of Hawkin’s during the 1980’s. The show follows Mike, Will, Dustin,...

The TikTok Effect

The TikTok Effect

Cole Ferrentino, Staff Writer December 1, 2022

As of November 2022, TikTok is one of the most widely-used social media sites worldwide. Users on the app post short videos, often with music playing in the background. While a song going ‘viral’ on...

Euphoria: The Review No One Asked For

Makayla Lisee-Oyola, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

Euphoria is a HBO exclusive television show debuting in 2019 Produced by Sam Levinson, Drake, Daphna Levin, and more. The composer of the Emmy-nominated title song is Labrinth. It contains two seasons...



Joanne Tolles, Staff Adviser/Writer June 5, 2013

I guess all I am really saying is ~ I promise to see you as you are real and strong and weak quiet and loud happy and sad good and bad but most of all perfect in your own individuality.   You...

English teacher Joanne Tolles helps her students write poetry.

Young Teen Poets – By Rosa Pelaez

June 2, 2008

It all starts with pen and paper. As you walk across the hallways of your local high school, you might not stop to notice all the kinds of talents your fellow student have. One of the most hidden of teen...

Talents At ACE by Daniel Freitas

December 5, 2007

ACE is a place of many talents. Most of the students that attend the school have magnificent musical abilities. The students that attend ACE love to express the way they feel in a variety of ways. Some...

ACE Goes to Long Wharf Theatre by Dana Cole

December 5, 2007

It was a cold, brittle morning when 15 students and ACE’s English teacher, Joanne Tolles, boarded a school bus bound for New Haven. The first part of the trip included a theatre workshop at the Long...

Dare to be Different by Daniel Freitas

September 17, 2007

Through the years the fashion industry and fashion trends have changed dramatically. Everyone these days has their own personal style. Every type of style out there is popular, but it's all about being...

Teenage Musicians by Phoebe Ermert

Teenage Musicians by Phoebe Ermert

June 11, 2007

Were you ever interested in playing an instrument?  Do you stand around with your friends and re-site words that rhyme? Or do you sometimes sit at a computer till 2 in the morning creating your own beats?...

The Poetry Contest By Tim Pagan

June 11, 2007

The IMPAC writing contest had its 10th annual IMPAC-CSU Competition this year. Here at ACE students entered and submitted poetry and prose writing through our teacher Joanne. There were 500 entries...

Teenage Musicians by Phoebe Ermert

June 11, 2007

Were you ever interested in playing an instrument? Do you stand around with your friends and re-site words that rhyme? Or do you sometimes sit at a computer till 2 in the morning creating your own...

Who Could Ever Forget? by the digitalenglish class

September 12, 2006

Who Could Ever Forget? (a collaborative poem by the digitialenglish class) Five years have passed swiftly. It seems like only yesterday and then it seems like a hundred years ago. (Joanne) but...

Why do I Teach?

Joanne Tolles, Staff Writer/ Adviser July 10, 2006

How can I say "no" to them and walk away? Last week, the dark child brightened up Yesterday, the angry child smiled. Just today, the sad child laughed. And tomorrow, the child beyond hope, will graduate. Each...

This Place Called ACE by Mike Keller

July 10, 2006

That Place Called Ace By, Michael Keller There stands a building of red bricks, With a small bell tower up top. The yard is littered with many little sticks, Where the rabbits prefer to hop. Inside...

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