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Gregs gym class stopping by a water well on one of many hiking adventures.

Greg’s Gym Class

Karla Guallpa-Delgado, Staff Writer
May 29, 2024
Entrance of Joe Pepin Day with letters of the best things about ACE.

Joe Pepin Day At ACE

Emily Reinoso, Staff Writer
May 21, 2024
Katjas Bulletin Board

Earth Day

Winnie Henriquez, Staff Writer
May 13, 2024
Dulani trying the moves that the instructor is guiding.

Pilobolus Comes to ACE

Emily Reinoso, Staff Writer
May 3, 2024
Joannes door for Womens History Month

FLEX Update

Winnie Henriquez, Staff Writer
April 2, 2024
Have you considered the places youll go in a gap year?

Graphic taken from

Gap Years

Lilly Saldanha, Staff Writer
March 12, 2024
ACEs Bulletin Board on display shows acts of kindness and gratitude.

ACE Valentine’s Day

Angie Tapia Jimenez, staff writer
March 4, 2024
A mind of someone who is slowly mentally blooming

Taking Care of Mental Health

Isabella Bretas, Staff Writer
January 26, 2024
Martin Luther King Jr. during his I have a dream speech.

Martin Luther King Day

Aniyah Howard, Staff Writer
January 25, 2024
Students having to distance themselves. This is unfortunate as they cant connect and work in groups, which wouldve been a great way to learn and socialize.

Online School

Isabella Bretas, Staff Writer
November 30, 2023
Spooky looking hallways that students have walked through for many decades(years).

ACE Spooky Stories

Dayanara Burgos-Ramos, Staff Writer
November 15, 2023
Haleys cat (Gordan)

Cats or Dogs?

Dayanara Burgos-Ramos, Staff Writer
October 20, 2023
Black Buddafly during the mid 2000s. The three sisters were pictured in front of a poster advertising their record label Def Jam

The Story of Black Buddafly

Cole Ferrentino, Staff Writer/Editor
May 31, 2023
A photo of Kyle in his classroom, sitting at his desk

Meet the Teachers at ACE

T Smith, Staff Writer
April 4, 2023
Our Spring Break is almost here. What will you will doing this year?

Spring Break

Rayza Diaz-Llorens, Staff Writer
March 31, 2023
Photo of Michael Lopez, one of many Danbury students affected by the districts handling of the pandemic.

The Distance Between Learning

Cole Ferrentino, Staff Writer/Editor
March 27, 2023
Robots In The Classroom

Robots In The Classroom

Cole Ferrentino, Editor/Staff Writer
February 23, 2023
Ludmila Conceicao standing next to ACEs Kindness Tree.

ACE Of Hearts

Savannah Coscarella, Staff Writer
February 17, 2023
Cici, Rodger, and Joanne deliver the snowflakes.

Snowflakes for Praxair

Savannah Coscarella, Staff Writer
January 11, 2023
Principal John Webber and the Pepin family speak holding the original ACE mascot.

Joe Pepin Ceremony at ACE

Roger Rodriguez, Staff Writer
January 10, 2023
Why do we love pets?

Why do we love pets?

Savannah Coscarella, Staff Writer
December 1, 2022


November 27, 2007
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