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Joanne Tolles

Joanne Tolles, Adviser/Staff Writer

I am an English teacher, writer and poet, animal lover, happily married wife and grandmother, and recently, newspaper advisor for my school again.

I am passionate about teaching my students how to find and use their unique voices. It is through writing that we become more aware, more human, and more effective in making the world a better place.

Here is my lesson plan!

Unchained and Free – My Life Lesson Plan

Unchained and free.
Liberated and alive.
Curious and full of wonder.

That is my lesson objective for the children.

Writing words of truth.
Declaring phrases or empowerment.
Thinking critically.
Creating new and awesome products.

Those are my planned activities for the students.

Making the world ripe for peace.
Fostering justice and equity for all.
Spreading love, learning, and awareness wherever they roam.

That is my home work assignment.

Unchained and free.
That is the title of my life lesson plan.

And what standard am I teaching?
The student will assimilate ways to save humanity.

Will you join me?
Will you engage in liberation?
Will you touch a generation with fierce passion?

If you do,
Your final evaluation score will be beyond innovating.




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