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Phoebe Lewis

Phoebe Lewis, Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Phoebe and I'm a junior at ACE who is known for being artistic, quiet, and creative. Some of my nicknames are Pheebs or Bee but I mostly just go by Phoebe. My preferred pronouns are she/her. My favorite song is probably Siesta by Coaltar of the Deepers, which besides that song is also overall a really great band. When I grow up I want to be a meteorologist or a writer of some sort whether it be making comics or maybe writing books or poetry. My favorite school subject is probably math. Some things I prefer are Starburst over Skittles, chocolate over vanilla, outside rather than inside, reading over video games, roller coaster over skateboard, egg MacMuffin over pancakes, and beach over pools.

Some things I'm good at are drawing, making music, and creative writing. My plans and hopes for this school year are to make more friends and grow more as a person. In my opinion I think the things that make someone a good friend are when they're someone you can always depend on and someone you can tell everything to. These are qualities that make someone a good listener if they actively respond to what you're saying rather than just saying yeah or ok.

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