Freedom Writers By: Vanessa Giacomazzo


Freedom Writers

Monday January 8th at 7:30 I went to see the movie freedom writers. This movie was about a first time teacher teaching freshman English class in one of the biggest high schools in this neighborhood. This one teacher couldn’t find anything to get these kids interested in doing work. The school wouldn’t even attempt to give them books because they wouldn’t get any use out of them. They wouldn’t even give them a chance. They would give these kids books from a 5th grade level that if anything happened to them it wouldn’t matter.

This teacher tried everything to get better supplies and materials. So she started to work two part time jobs on the side to pay for the things she wanted to teach.

One day she had an idea, she bought everyone in the class a note book they were to call it their journal only you can read them the teacher just made it so she just wanted to make sure you do one a day. With these journals it lets the teacher get to know the students better. This way she can buy materials that they would like. This movie was very inspirational and gave any person hope that you can have a voice, and get yourself out of any situation and still excel any make yourself a better person.

 In the beginning of the movie the school had the lowest expectations of this class and by the end of the movie the teacher was able to teach them until senior year. Most of these kids wouldn’t have made it through the first year and they were able to make to college.

By the way this is a true story. And I suggest anyone to go see it.