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Savannah Coscarella

Savannah Coscarella, Staff Writer

The Savannah Interview

My interview with Savannah was an interesting story unlike any other. I’ve learned so much from Savannah and I wish to tell you my experience. My first initial thoughts from Savannah was that she is an outgoing person who is very ambitious on what she wants to accomplish in her life. Here is her story. 

“I’m Savannah aka Horse lady and I really enjoy wrangling horses while taking care of other animals such as Donkeys, Chickens and Cows.”  This was when I knew we’re in for a trip of a lifetime. “My favorite color is Yellow.” “Favorite Netflix show is Gilmore girls.” “I like to read more instead of video games, more fiction books I like to read the most.” Furthermore, I asked Savannah the most essential questions that people really needed to know about her. 

Who are you?”I’m Savannah.” What do you like doing in your free time?”I like to terrorize Kevin and I like horse riding.” When did you come to ACE?”Last year” “Why did you come to Ace? “I was literally forced to come to school.” Where did you come from?”Came from my mother's womb.”How are you gonna become Savannah? “I AM SAVANNAH AND I”M HORSE LADY.”

This was my experience learning about Savannah and I hope you learn a thing or two.

Written by Tyler Schere

All content by Savannah Coscarella
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