Teenage Depression by Jesenia Rios

Depression is a serious thing to deal with for teenagers.

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Depression is a serious thing to deal with for teenagers.

This article that I’m going to write about is Teenage Depression. Teenage depression is an emotion that majority of teenagers feel within themselves. Depression is a serious thing to deal with for teenagers. The cause of much depression has to do with being abandoned as a child builds up during adolescence.

There are a lot of signs and symptoms of teenage depression. When teens feel down and there is no apparent reason why they feel like that, it brings much sadness. Anger is a result of holding negative feelings within themselves. Crying is a way that teens express the way they feel when they’re in that depression state.

The effects of teen depression are problems at school, substance abuse, and low self-esteem. Teenagers then have poor attendance, poor grades, and the frustration of school work. Some teenagers use drugs and alcohol to cope with their depression but, in my opinion, teens shouldn’t use that to cope with what they are going through. Low self esteem can trigger feelings of ugliness, shame, failure, and unworthiness.

The majority of teenagers who suffer from depression are thinking of suicide. Signs of suicide include saying such things as, “I’d be better off dead, I wish I could disappear forever,” ,or, “There’s no way out.” Teenagers use those sayings to tell people that they want to help.

— Jesenia Rios

I know what depression is all about because I’m going through that state myself. Depression built within me throughout my childhood because my biological mother abandoned me when I was very young. I cope with my depression is by listening to music and writing. Writing is something that I enjoy doing and I get a lot of emotions out by writing on paper. Music is something that helps me get my mind  off of things and it can relax me. 

Different people do different coping strategies when they are dealing with depression but do them in a positive way because it will lead you to become stronger and wiser.