Down with Drama by Jessica Mcgee and Sharhonda Perkins


ACE Staff Photographer

Drama is destructive and a waste of time.

There is so much drama in schools that students are off task. All grades in schools are going down because everyone is worried about what other people think of them. Everyday there is some new drama in school and it shows up on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and much more.

Drama does not belong in any school. It’s a distraction to staff and students. When asked how you feel about all the drama in school, Nancy Berman, a teacher at the Center said, “It’s over the top and it takes away from your education.” 

People who are engaged in drama want to have power over others to make them feel bad about themselves so they can feel good about themselves. When asked do you feel you should be in drama, Tatianna Mayoral said, “I don’t think anyone should be in drama. I have better things to do with my life than get caught up in that mess.” Not everyone wants to have something to do with drama.

When asked what is drama to you Kimberly Cottrell said that “drama is pointless, immature, whack , and a waste of time. People should just grow up.” A lot of people just want to see others get into some kind of drama. Drama could be prevented if everyone would just grow up and concentrate on the business of learning.

Drama affects so many people. It doesn’t matter if you are involved or not, it will still have an effect on you. When asked how does drama touch your life, Jessica Anastasia said, “Drama doesn’t affect me unless I truly care for that person.”

Drama is a waste of time. If you think about it all the time you spend gossiping, you can be doing more productive work and moving on with your life. When asked how do you prevent drama Jesenia Rios said, “The way you can prevent it is if you just leave it alone. Don’t worry about what others are saying and doing around you, it doesn’t make sense to get caught up in it.”

On that note stay, away from drama.