50 Mile by Aaron Nienstadt



As some of you may know, ACE is going on a 50 mile hike from April 27th, 2007 to the 4th of May so in order to get in shape we are hosting practice hikes well not actually practice hikes since there is only one practice hike and that will be done with the staff going on the trip, but what we are basically doing is Pre-Practice hikes in order to get ready for the practice hike. It is kind of funny; it is like we are practicing to practice like an oxymoron or something.

The idea came up by Tiffany Vasale to host these pre-practice hikes and I have to say that they have been going pretty well. We do the hikes up at Terrywile Park and they usually take about an hour or two deepening on how fast we are going, and it is just a lot of fun you also get to hang out with people you don’t normally hang out with. Other than that me myself, these Terrywile Hikes are pretty easy for me (all cockiness aside ha ha) but I think that the 7 day hike ahead of us is going to be grueling an definitely going to be one of the hardest things I have done in my life. I also think it is going to be a very fun trip, getting to hang out with people and be out in the wilderness for 7 days it should be fun.

I do not know the exact place we are heading but it will be in North Carolina in the Appalachian Trail somewhere, but I myself can’t wait until we start the ride down to North Carolina. We’ll also be staying at a hotel over night in Virginia before we get to our main destination I think it is going to be a once in a life time ridiculously fun trip and ill see you when I get back.