Megan The Mishap of All Horror Movies

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Katie, Katie’s Aunt and Megan in the same room.

Genesis Andujar Santana, Staff Writer

Megan the horror movie aired on January 6th, 2023 in Theaters. Megan is a movie about a doll that builds a strong emotional bond with a human kid. Diving into the true meaning of this movie and how humor peeks through it. I interviewed some ACE students about their personal points of view on the movie.

Every unique part of the movie was processed differently by different people. Starting off, I interviewed Kiki. I began with the question, “What do you think about the movie?” Her answer was, “Good, and it’s a fun horror movie.” This is one of the points of view of the movie. Another question that I asked Kiki to further her view was, “What are some personal opinions that you have about Megan and Katie?” Her response was, “It was suspenseful because it surprises you.” Do you agree with Kiki? 

The next student that I interviewed was Rayza. The first question asked was, “Was the movie entertaining to watch?” Her reply was, “I think that it was very strange. I hope that the movie was a joke. For a serious movie, it was bad.” From Rayza’s unique perspective, she expresses her feelings toward how the movie was presented. Another question that I asked Rayza was, “How do you portray the relationship between Megan and Katie?” Ray’s feedback was, “The relationship was very toxic and possessive.” Ultimately this is how Rayza views the movie. Would you agree? 

Overall, the movie Megan was perceived as a funny horror movie that had an unexpected and interesting plot to it. To the students, this movie caused mixed emotions – from satire to suspense to just plain horrible. These are some of ACE’s points of view.