2010 Canoe Trip By Tim Clement


Student Tim Natale stands next to the canoes, this being his third year on the trip.

On October 12, 2010, ACE teachers John Webber and Anthony Hellmann took 14 kids on the yearly canoe trip. The trip is three days and two nights of canoeing and camping down the Delaware Water Gap. The Delaware Water Gap is a 40 mile stretch of river along the borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

ACE teacher John Webber says when interviewed, “Overall, it was a very fun trip. The canoers this year were a very strong group of students. It was a very excellent way to begin the school year.” When asked what was different about this year’s trip compared to last years, Webber responded, “The weather this year was perfect. The high water levels this year allowed for a quicker pace.” Webber is extremely excited for next year’s trip.

Tim Natale, ACE Senior and third year veteran canoer, said “Compared to last year’s trip, I believe the group was more mature. The whole group participated, with everyone doing different jobs such as collecting wood for the fire or getting clean water. My favorite part about this year’s trip was that everyone cooperated and participated equally, whether you were a veteran of the trip or a first-timer.” Natale expects to be going on the trip next year, as an ACE graduate. This would make Natale a four year veteran of ACE’s annual trip.

Everyone who attends the canoe trip comes back to Danbury with stories to tell. Mike Laurentus, sophomore and new student at ACE, says he loved his first time on the trip. “I loved being out in nature,” said Laurentus, “and the conversations we had shared around the campfire were very enjoyable.” Laurentus says that the canoe trip was one of the best experiences of his entire career in school. He also plans on attending the trip next year, which he says he is “extremely pumped for.”

The annual canoe trip is an experience every ACE student should someday take part in. Being out in nature is beautiful, and the bonding between teachers and students on these trips is amazing. There is a strong connection you share among everyone on the trip, whether it is a teacher or a fellow student. Everyone on the trip works together as a team, which creates a strong bond between ACE students and teachers alike. You come back to Danbury feeling like a family, which is what ACE is all about.