ACE’s January Graduate – Tyler We Will ALL Miss you!


Staff Photographer

Our ACE January graduate – Tyler Scherer.

Genesis Andujar Santana, Staff Writer

This January of 2023, ACE will be sending one graduate out into the real world. I will be interviewing  Tyler Scherer. My intent was to capture his point of view on living through high school and his thoughts, experiences, feelings about ACE – and after ACE. Teachers were also interviewed to share their input and feelings about our graduates. 

When opening the interview with Tyler, my first question was, “Who was your favorite teacher?” His answer was, “I would put Daniela.”  When asked, “What did you learn other than academics?” His response was, “ Staying to yourself is what you should do.” 

Tyler speaks from the heart when he says this. Tyler’s guidance teacher is Daniela Esposito. I interviewed Daniela to hear the words she wants Tyler to hear that express how she truly feels about her student leaving. The first question was, “How do you feel about your student graduating?” Her response was, “It’s bitter sweet. On one hand I am thrilled for him and all his accomplishment, and I know he will do very well in his future. I know that he is ready to graduate. He’s grown up so much. On the other hand, I am broken hearted to be losing an amazing person from my guidance.” The following question I asked was, “Did you see any growth throughout the years?”  Her feedback was, “He’s grown in so many ways, and has developed skills that will help him in the future with his career goals. He’s become a leader at our school and someone who makes ACE what it is all about.” 

Daniela is very proud of Tyler and his journey through high school. The last question I asked her was, “What is your ACE APPRECIATES for your graduate?” Her response was, “ACE appreciates Tyler Scherer for his tremendous school spirit, his loyalty to his friends and family, and his determination for greatness.” 

Tyler is very much appreciated at ACE and will be greatly missed.