ACE Field Trip to Danbury Duckpin Lanes


Ludmila Conceicao

ACE student Cherish at Danbury Duckpin Lanes.

Roger Rodriguez, Staff Writer

On December 20, 2022, ACE students visited Danbury Duckpin Lanes, a bowling alley in Danbury, CT.

The field trip was first come first serve and $10 to go, meaning only 13 students were able to make it on the trip which took place during guidance. The field trip was led by Greg – ACE’s gym teacher – who when asked why students had gone on the bowling trip, he simply answered “to do something fun” while jokingly saying that he “was very sore” afterwards from all the bowling.

According to Greg, he tries “to go every semester” and in fact this was actually the “4th or 5th time” ACE had gone on a bowling trip. “Personally, I had a lot of fun and I feel like the students did too,” Greg added. 

He wasn’t wrong. When asked about her experience during the trip, Cherish said, “Yeahhh I had a lot of fun and felt like the trip was very nice and it gave us a chance to work and interact with others who we don’t really get to everyday at school.”

Daisy – another student at ACE – who also went on the trip said, “To be honest it was perfect, I had fun and I know for a fact everyone else who went was also having a good time too.” She also stated that everyone was organized and just having a good time in general. “In my opinion it really brought us together as the ACE family we are.” 

“In my opinion it really brought us together as the ACE family we are.” 

— Daisy

Overall, it seems like ACE’s bowling trip was a fun experience for everyone, from the bowling itself to the students who went on the trip. We at ACE are thankful for Greg who, based off my quick interview with him, is a very kind person with a very funny sense of humor.